The No Game No Life Collector's Edition box set was released on July 28, 2015 by Sentai Filmworks. The box contains various triquets, and has the complete 12 episode series both in Blu-ray and regular DVD sets. It contains both the dubbing of the show and japanese with and without subtitles. Its original re-tail price was $129.98. Everything the box set contains upon purchase is as follows:

  • Outer Box: Made of chipboard with holographic finish and contains Sora and Shiro on the front side, with Jibril on the back in contrast.
  • Blu-ray Set: Displays more artwork of Sora and Shiro on the front and an episode count on the back. Contains two discs, with the first being of Sora and Shiro, and the second being of Steph.)
  • DVD Set: Displays Artwork of Steph on the front and an episode count on the back. Harbors three discs, the first being of the same artwork of Sora and Shiro on the outer box. The second being of Jibril on the back of the outer box. And the third being of Feel and Chlammy.
  • Extras Box Outside: Displays the same artwork as shown on the third disc of the DVD set, with Izuna the Werebeast on the backside. These two sides are not holographic.
  • Extras Box Containments: 6 double sided art cards that contain Sora, Shiro, Steph, Izuna, Jibril, Feel, and Chlammy all in both sexual poses, and in locations shown within the anime. One double sided poster as shown below. 9 die cut stickers of both the main cast, an supporting cast within the 12 episode anime, and 1-3 volume adaptation. One double sided foil card (holographic) which is essentially just a holographic card of the double sided poster. Finally a complete set of standard playing cards that has unique artwork compared to the current version that is purchasable for the public.
  • Soundtrack Collection: Comes in three disc set with special renditions of past artwork of Sora, Shiro, and Jibril.

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Quick Look No Game No Life Limited Edition Box Set

Quick Look No Game No Life Limited Edition Box Set

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