This is a list of the all the No Game No Life manga volumes, illustrated by Mashiro Hiiragi and original story by Yuu Kamiya. There are two volumes released to date.

Summary 编辑

Social-phobic Sora and shut-in Shiro form a genius gamer sibling duo. The two find the world to be a lousy game...until someone claiming to be God transports them to a world where everything is decided by games! Will these two failures at life become the saviors of a strange, new world?

# Japanese Release Date English Release Date Japanese ISBN English ISBN
1 November 1, 2013

October 21, 2014

ISBN: 978-4-0406-6114-8 ISBN: 978-1-6269-2079-8

Manga Volume 1 Cover

Manga Volume 1 English Cover

No Game No Life 1: It Seems the Gamer Siblings are Summoned to a World where Everything is Decided by Games! (全てがゲームで決まる世界に召喚されたヒキコモリゲーマー兄妹!)
Pages: 156
English Pages: 192
Price: ¥524
Cover Characters: Shiro and Sora
  • Game 01. Prologue (ゲーム01. プロローグ, Gēmu 01. Purorōgu)
  • Game 02. Beginner ① (ゲーム02. 素人ビギナー, Gēmu 02. Shirōto)
  • Game 03. Beginner ② (ゲーム03. 素人ビギナー, Gēmu 03. Shirōto)
  • Game 04. Beginner ③ (ゲーム04. 素人ビギナー, Gēmu 04. Shirōto)
  • Game 05. Challenger (ゲーム05. 挑戦者チャレンジャー, Gēmu 05. Charenjā)
  • Attached Short Story from 5 years ago (描き下ろしSS「五年前」(ショートストーリー), Kaki oroshi shōtosutōrī gonenmae)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki)

2 February 23, 2018


ISBN: 978-4-0406-9582-2 TBA

Manga Volume 2 Cover

No Game No Life 2: The latest publication of long-awaited comicarization of "the newest myth" whose movie was a big hit! (映画も大ヒットした “最も新しき神話”のコミカライズ待望の最新刊!!)
Pages: 146
Price: ¥550
Cover Characters: Stephanie Dola
  • Game 06. Challenger ② (ゲーム06. 挑戦者チャレンジャー, Gēmu 06. Charenjā)
  • Game 07. Expert ① (ゲーム07. 熟練者エキスパート, Gēmu 07. Ekisupāto)
  • Game 08. Expert ② (ゲーム08. 熟練者エキスパート, Gēmu 08. Ekisupāto)
  • Game 09. Expert ③ (ゲーム09. 熟練者エキスパート, Gēmu 09. Ekisupāto)
  • Game 10. Expert ④ (ゲーム10. 熟練者エキスパート, Gēmu 10. Ekisupāto)
  • Game 11. Expert ⑤ (ゲーム11. 熟練者エキスパート, Gēmu 11. Ekisupāto)
  • Theater Version "No Game No Life Zero" After-Recording Site Report (Author: Yuzaki Kazuya) (劇場版『ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ゼロ』アフレコ現場レポート(著:ユイザキカズヤ), Gekijō-ban “nōgēmu nōraifu zero” afureko genba repōto (shiru: Yuizakikazuya))
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki)
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