诱导法 (誘導法, Yūdōhō)游戏人生动画第11集,最初于2014年6月18日在日本播出。

剧情梗概 编辑

在恢复镇静后与吉普利尔共同迎击初濑伊纲,但他们很快意识到兽人种在这场游戏中作弊了,要想胜利是很困难的。与此同时…史蒂芬妮 多拉一直都不知去向。在最后,伊纲射中了白,似乎一切已成定局,结果伊纲惊讶地发现自己一直都在被白所算计,她终于第一次开始享受人生中的一场游戏。然后她决定用自己的特殊能力“血坏”全力对抗他们。

出场角色 编辑




事件 编辑

与轻小说的主要差异 编辑

小细节 编辑

  • The characters that Sora makes an example of and have black bar on their eyes are namely: (right to left) Satonaka Chie from "Persona 4", Makise Kurisu from "Steins;Gate" and Kathy from "Akiba's Trip".
  • In episode 11, when Sora tells Jibril to stall Izuna, Jibril imitates Archer (Fate/Stay Night) when he was also told by his Master to stall for some time {against Berserker in the visual novel's Fate route}. She [Jibril] imitates him [Archer] word for word, even lowering her voice to add emphasis.
  • The opening theme was altered have a song call "Onegai☆Sniper" for the game of "Love or Loved 2: Hit Her With Your Bullet of Love!"

外部链接及注释 编辑

  • The scene of Shiro and Sora holding the gun together is a reference to a scene in the Visual Novel "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru" [EP 5], in which the protagonist "Ushiromiya Battler" and his love "Beatrice" shoot the antagonist "Furudo Erika".
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