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NG Cup ☆ Decisive Battle For The Strongest Player (ノゲ杯★最強ゲーマー決定戦, Noge Hai ☆ Saikyou Gēmā Kettei Sen) is a special TV program made to commemorate the airing of the No Game No Life (Series) anime. It is divided into 6 episodes, each around 11 minutes, in which voice actors of Sora (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), Shiro (Kayano Ai), Stephanie (Hikasa Yōko), and Chlammy (Iguchi Yuka) sit together and play some games. They are released via the AT-X TV channel, official site, and Media Factory's YouTube channel for a limited time, and will be included in Blu-ray release.















Introduction - Gachapon machine tasks
  • Explain the story of No Game No Life (Series) (Vol. 1)
  • Introduce the characters they portray (Vol. 1)
  • Telling the highlights of their careers (Vol. 2)
  • What is your most recent addiction (Vol. 2)
Game battles
  • Puyo Puyo (Vol. 3)
    • 1st: Matsuoka - 100p
    • 2nd: Hikasa - 50p
    • 3rd: Kayano - 30p
    • 4th: Iguchi - 0p
  • "Find the lying wolf!" (Vol. 3)
    • Note: Matsuoka was the wolf and Hikasa was the only one who correctly identified him.
    • 1st: Matsuoka - 100p
    • 1st : Hikasa - 100p
    • 3rd: Kayano - 30p
    • 4th: Iguchi - 0p
  • Romance Quiz (Vol. 4)
    • Note: 3 girls vs 1 guy (Matsuoka)
    • 1st: Iguchi - 10,000p
    • 2nd : Hikasa - 100p
    • 3rd: Kayano - 30p
    • 4th: Matsuoka - -9,900p
Screenshot NGNL SP

Chlammy's voice actor in first, followed by Steph's, Shiro's and Sora's.

Ending (Vol. 4)
  • What they expect the anime to develop into
  • Final words to the viewers
  • Punishment game by Matsuoka
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